SPRING Into Action

There are a lot of children’s books out there about ‘Springing into action’ to teach kids about how the phrase can be implemented. But try to find an adult version of this book and you’ll be searching for a while. Sometimes we as adults need to be reminded of how to do certain things, and I believe springing into action is one of them. It’s as if, as we get older we lose the spring in our actions. Maybe it’s the routines we create or the influences we bring around us that cause us to lose that spring. But, in this article I thought I would energize the inner child in you, to bring that spring back into your step, so you can, once and for all, get after your dreams. Three months of this year have already passed and if you haven’t taken one step towards what you hoped to accomplish this year, it’s time to SPRING into action. Here’s how:

S – Start right now don’t let another day pass you by where you aren’t doing some small task towards your goal. If you have broken your goal into subgoals with subtasks, see where you can fit one of those subtasks in today’s schedule. I’ve heard several times, ‘oh, I’ve got so much to do today, I don’t think I can fit it in.’ Excuses are a dime a dozen and they get you nowhere. Instead of making excuses make reasons why you should get it done today. Then be like Nike and just do it.

P – Practice goal achievement behavior – what will it feel like to achieve your goal? Think about the opportunities, the benefits, and the monetary gains that will come from achieving your goal. Now, practice how you will feel with this accomplishment complete on a daily basis. Studies have shown that putting your mind in a state of already having completed the task helps you take action, with less internal resistance, and brings awareness on how to relieve obstacles if they emerge.

R – Reward yourself – As you begin today to start tackling those subtasks, and making headway towards completing a subgoal, decide what you will reward yourself with once that subgoal is complete. Taking a moment to reward small steps towards bigger achievements is a powerful way to build momentum and rekindle motivation to spring into the next subgoal.

I – Innovate along the way – The best inventions were a collection of innovations and the only way to get to the fruitful invention is to innovate as you go. Find what works and what doesn’t. Create new methods, processes, business models to improve the overall project. But, do it along the way. Don’t wait until the whole plan comes together because that could take forever, if ever. Start with what you’ve got and your subconscious will begin to fill in the gaps. Your subconscious works constantly for you, always piecing parts of projects together before bringing them into your conscious awareness. Trust your mind, and innovate along the way.

N –Neutralize negativity – Don’t allow negativity to influence this process. Negative thoughts and influence often come from social media, TV shows, family, friends, or colleagues. Negativity can also be generated internally as well. To spring into action, you first need to become mindful of where negativity is coming from. Then you must take control to neutralize it. This can be hard to do. Because sometimes it means taking a step back from certain negative relationships. But, if not controlled, negative energy and thoughts can deter action, innovation, and ultimately, achievement of goals.

G – Grow as you go – Life is a learning process and as you are moving inch-by-inch towards your goals take moments to relish in the process. Think about what is working to help you accomplish tasks and what is holding you back. Think about who has helped you along the way; because no one has ever had success alone. Also, think about people or information that might help you accomplish the next tasks and how you might gain access to them. Taking a moment to think through this process not only clarifies where you are and maybe what you still need, but it allows for personal and professional growth. You are learning about yourself. It’s a powerful thing when you know who you are, what works for you and where you want to go next. So, take the moments to grow as you go.

To recap,

Start right now – fit a subtask into your schedule today

Practice goal achievement behavior – everyday practice how you’ll feel once your goal is complete

Reward yourself – reward small steps to build momentum

Innovate along the way – create as you go

Neutralize negativity – take control and neutralize negativity

Grow as you go – take moments to relish in the process

I hope this article has helped and motivated you to SPRING into action.

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